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Trained as a Tibetan Singing Bowl Healer, a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher 200 Hr RYT,  Reiki  &  Thai Massage practitioner.   All of this after the age of 40 and spending many years in the business world.  Why, because she found solace for the first time, on her mat, at a yoga retreat.  She quit her high-pressure sales job, sold her house and moved to Costa Rica!    Shortly after moving she crossed yogi paths with Fran and that’s where it started.  The combination of  Fran’s meticulously thought out yoga classes and the Tibetan Singing Bowls.  The result of this combination allows us to take you on a journey to unravel physical and emotional tension unconsciously held in the mind and body.


A Certified Yoga Teacher who teaches Amrit Yoga, best described as “meditation in motion” , which is a deeply meditative style of Hatha Yoga created by Yogi Amrit Desai founder of the Kripalu Center.

Adri teaches a bilingual class (English & Spanish) that is perfect for beginners and intermediate levels.

You will find Adriana spending the majority of her time in Vida Asana’s kitchen where she gets to practice her favorite “yama” Ahimsa (Non-Violence) though Healthy Vegan Cooking.

Adri has been part of our family since 2016.


Trained as a Slow Yoga teacher 200 Hr RYT and Yin teacher 50 Hr and Yoga Nidra 25 Hr in Sydney.   All this after so many years of practicing yoga it doesn’t bear thinking about and after a long career in the events industry in London. But who cares? She is here now, working with Jenny and those ancient Tibetan Bowls and discovering new and wonderful ways in which the practice of YIN YOGA in particular, can bring solace to students in a world which can be somewhat challenging; to help students understand themselves a little better and be perhaps a tad less reactive and more at ease within themselves and within their communities.


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