You are someone that believes in sustainability, you believe in the magic of a place, you believe in the transformational power of connection and community. You love being so close to the beach, you’re into eating healthy, local, farm fresh meals. You’re interested in exploring Costa Rica. You tell your friends about all of the cool stuff there is to see and do here, and you want to bring them here and show them. You’re proud to call Vida Asana your home away from home.


Vida Asana is booked between November 28th  of 2018, and July 30th  of 2019. As a result, we will plan to break ground on July 30th  2019, and complete construction on January 30th 2020.  We will not book any events, until December 28th, the start of our busiest season. Our construction team advises us that we can have all 16 guest rooms complete within 4.5 months, and the total construction within 6 months. 

The four units available for fractional ownership will be released on a staggered pricing model. The first 50 weeks are now available for $10k for those who commit before we start construction.  This entitles the owner to one transformational yoga vacation annually in their suite, with all food and yoga classes covered by the annual maintenance fee. Owner financing will be offered to reduce barriers and objections to purchase, with three pricing models to choose from. With every unit purchase, a gift will be made to Waves of Hope, the non-profit we work with intimately. Each year parents that have lost a child are offered an all expenses paid trip to Vida Asana for a one week retreat of healing through yoga, meditation, sharing circles, activities (both bonding and fun!), and therapy.  

Additional weeks will be released post-construction for, when potential buyers can view and tour the suite while they are already here and have already fallen in love with the vision of Vida Asana Community.  Price post construction is projected to be set at $20k, with 50 weeks released annually. 



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